Requirements (digital editions)/Readme

Online Edition

For the online edition to work you just need to open the pdf file (syntax4web.pdf) in an application of your choosing and acknowledge the fact that links open files in your browser that are hosted on Microsoft OneDrive (look at the Microsoft Services Agreement for more information). If this is not to your linking, you can still contact me to receive the files and store them locally.


Due to its platform independent design, relying on more or less open formats such as PDF, PNG, and H.263, the glossary has never been limited to specific operating systems. One shortcoming in all available PDF readers for Android however, has made using the glossary on mobile devices quite cumbersome: The fact that links to other files from within a PDF would not be handed over to the target application. This has now been addressed in the free Foxit PDF Reader (available on Google Play), which I highly recommend. Matched with the MX Player (available on Google Play as well) for video playback, the glossary works like a charm. I suggest changing one default setting in MX Player for maximum ease of use though: Find "Back to list" in Settings/Player and tick the box. This makes sure that you are returned to the glossary once playback of an excerpt from a movie is completed. Otherwise MX Player will continue to play all movie files in the "film" subdirectory.

Make sure that you copy all files and folders as they are to your device as the structure must be kept intact.

Windows and Mac OS

In order to read the glossary and watch the movie clips you need to have the following programs installed on your system:

Other programs may work but the glossary has mostly been tested with the products mentioned above. If you have to use a different media player make sure that it is capable of decoding MPEG-4 video and audio (AAC). On Linux based systems the Totem Video-Player with the libavcodec library should do the trick.

You may want to uncheck the "Open cross-document links in same window"-box in order to be able to view the glossary and illustrations at the same time and to avoid having to re-open the main file after closing a linked document (Edit > Preferences (Windows) or Adobe Reader > Preferences (Mac OS) > Documents).

Depending on your security settings the following warning message might be displayed when you try to open linked content:

"The file and its viewer application are set to be launched by this PDF file. The file may contain programs, macros, or viruses that could potentially harm your computer. Only open the file of you are sure it is safe. If this file was placed by a trusted person or program, you can click 'Open' to view the file."

Which is exactly what you should do.

To use the glossary simply open "START.PDF" or proceed directly to the English ("SYNTAX.PDF") or French version ("GLOSSAIRE.PDF").